You can manage your data safety, privacy, and accuracy in one place.

As businesses grow and evolve the spread of data across the corporate landscape is making it increasingly more difficult for the management to control how the business is meeting is statutary compliance and information security regulations across the operational segments of the business.  The failure to regulate in any part of the operation can lead to wider business failure.

Centralising these requirements provides for a cost-effective way to enforce the corporate policies for data security and compliance on all platforms and device across the business regardless of diversity or location.  The KaiKetsi solution also ensures additional resilience and data recovery across the business.

By implementing the Kaiketsi solution you can ensure you are meeting all your business compliance and information security policy obligations across the complete corporate landscape.

Support designed to suit your needs as they are now, and how they evolve in the future.

At KaiKetsi, we believe that having a brilliant system is just the first step towards ensuring the stability and success of your business. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide the necessary support to keep your solution up-to-date, secure, and functioning smoothly.

Change is constant in the business world, and we understand that your requirements may involve over time. With our agile and dependable solutions and support, you can trust that we will fine tune your solution to ensure continued business growth and success.

We offer tailor-made support, including training for your staff and 24-hour online and telephone assistance, to ensure that you have the tools and resources to overcome any challenges that may arise. Let KaiKetsi help you achieve your business goals with our reliable yet inovatine solutions and dedicated support.

Our certified experts are here to offer you exceptional support that meets the needs of your business.

Our support team is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service to all of our valued clients. We understand that different situations call for different approaches, which is why we offer both on-site and remote support options to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or prefer to have our qualified team guide your staff through the process, we are always here to help in a way that suits you.

In addition to our support services, we also provide comprehensive technical and operational training for your staff. This can be done onsite for your convenience or at one of our dedicated training venues, which are strategically located around the world. Our training is designed to help your staff understand and optimize every function of the KaiKetsi solution in order to exploit its capabilities to the maximum. At our company, we take pride in going above and beyond to ensure the success of your business.

What Makes Us Different

High Performance Culture

What is it?

A culture of confidence, positivity, proactivity and success that enables us to exceed our goals and overcome obstacles.


How do we create it?

By being engaging, open and clear.  By gathering support and buy-in through empowerment and accountability. By focusing on continuous improvement.


Experienced Professionals

Fully Qualified

All of the team; hardware design engineers, software developers, configuration project managers, implementation engineers , internal and external support engineers are trained on all the products that make KaiKetsi solutions stand out against amongst its industry competitors.


We maintain purpose built training facilities in Australia, the USA and Europe procive a wide range of training products to your business wherever and whenever you need it.

Advanced Solutions

Design and Production

The products that make up the KaiKetsi solution are designed in house in our Australian facilities to ensure we have the best products to meet the complex and varying needs of our customers, whatever sector they operate in.

By ensuring we have full control of both design and production of the products we are able to supply the best of breed solutions whilst provding a cost effective and affordable solution to our clients.